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Looking to blow off some steam I Wants Couples

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Looking to blow off some steam

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I don't like games i want more than sex.

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When you have just been having a bad day! Girl friends on your back, failed a test, dogs are barking, fish need to be fed.

Looking to blow off some steam I Search Sex

We have all been through it. What video game new or old helps you blow of the most steam? Im gonna have to go with Mortal Kombat here. Nothing is better than beating the crap out of someone with unearthly characters.

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I love working my way up to a high wanted level eome to enter a cheat that lowers it. It's hilarious to watch the police suddenly stop chasing and walk away.

The God of War series help off blow steam and also you can rip enemies in half or chocking a blade down there throut. Well, I usually play GTA I know this isn't very anger-busting, but when I've had a rough day I have a tendency to put on some music and play as a Summoning Necromancer in Diablo Sometimes I'll throw on San Andreas and take on the cops, feds, and army. Usually I blpw a long, satisfying Battle of Hoth on Battlefront 2. Though watching The Matrix Reloaded allways makes me feel better.

I'll be Looking to blow off some steam for you. So much carnage can be wrought!

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Also, Prototype, Fallout or Oblivion. I love to just mess around and slaughter the friendly characters.

I sone just got Prototype, which seems like a good game to blow off steam to, but I haven't had the occasion to do so yet. Anything with alot of fighting, or gore.

SSBB, because I love wailing on inferior computer opponents, and RE because sometimes I need to blow off a few zombie's heads to feel better. I usually play Reach. Blasting aliens in the face or owning in online multiplayer really calms me down.

Funny to think that a video game about killing people could calm me down I usually only play retro games when I'm not wound up, though. I usually get on Steam to blow off some steam.

On consoles, Castlevania and SMB3 are good relaxers. Playing it on Master Ninja is a great way to blow off steam soje there are times when the game makes you get pissed of too NGB is a double edged sword for me: Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

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Dacatspajamas Follow Forum Posts: Everyone has had a bad day. Got any games that helps you cut back? Devil May Cry 3 SE.

Playing in the turbo mode on Dante Must Die! So aggressive,so visceral, so badass!!

With Rae Dawn Chong, Steven E. de Souza, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vernon Wells. A look at the importance of humor in the film Commando (). In my last post, I talked about how it can be counterproductive to try to let out your anger The evidence I reviewed there suggested that letting off steam through. exercising, sex, playing games, camping, dancing, watching a movie, listening to music. You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?".

I know brentalfloss says "if you like it, you are a woman," but this game can pull me in. KzJoe Follow Forum Posts: I play Disgaea because dealing out 99k damage to Mofos really helps let off steam.

Any GTA game,any shooter. LiquidClear Follow Forum Posts: TGonz88 Follow Forum Posts: Khadaj32 Follow Forum Posts: Any of the 3D GTAs.

DevilBorg Follow Forum Posts: Symphony of the Night, that always gets me in a better mood. Gta and dragonball z.

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Or the 3rd level in MW2. Takedown in Road Rage or Crash mode. They're great ofg to relive stress or frustration. PetJel Follow Forum Posts: Any GTA with cheats.

Looking to blow off some steam Wanting Sex Meet

When you feel annoyed you don't want to die or lose. Unreal Tournament on inhuman mode Blood is also a good solution as is Duke nukem 3d.

Steam-releasing legacy console games: Unreal Tournament and UT2k4, both with crazy mods. ChiefFreeman Follow Forum Posts: NamelessPlayer Follow Forum Posts: Ofc Command, Postal 2, Rise of the Triad, Die By The Sword, or just about any other game that lets me turn tons of foes into chunky salsa with ease which would naturally cover the majority of FPSs out there.

Looking to blow off some steam Looking Sexy Dating

I would turn into the most violent man in society going on a killing spree in the game lol. As you can see, I have many games for that, but that's because I tend to get mad often.

I don't need to blow of steam, but I often return to the Contra games. AcidSoldner Follow Forum Posts: Did you really have to revive a 2 year old topic FaithfulBro Follow Forum Posts: M3tr4nk0 Follow Forum Posts: I usually Mature chat Gross-kurshey about killing random people in any GTA game!

Doom, gotta love that Super Shotgun. TerragonSix Follow Forum Posts: Hammerhead72 Follow Forum Posts: Here Comes The Pain: Bring back the main forum list.

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